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Dé White Clover was established in 2018 to help boost confidence in all skins. Our products are manufactured with natural and safe ingredients. Our achievement is to combine different features into products. Aligning to this mentality, we have successfully produced Whitening Sunshield Spray to enhance gender beauty and to prevent skin cancer.

Protect your skin instantly

Signature: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Perfume

Desires Youthful and Radiant Skin?

Over-exposure of sunlight, increases lines and wrinkles.

Use our whitening sunscreens for immediate results.


GEN 2 Luminous Whitening Sunscreen

What’s so special about Dé White Clover Whitening Sunscreens?

Powered by innovative whitening ingredients, Dé White Clover Whitening Sunscreen uses refined fruit extracts as our key ingredient. Prized by many civilizations, pomegranate is known to be full of anti-oxidants.

The anti-aging plant compounds found in this fruit also stimulates keratinocyte cells (skin cells) and helps in cellular regeneration, thereby keeping wrinkles and sagging skin at bay.

Dé White Clover Whitening Sunscreen is not merely a sunscreen. It allows one’s skin to stay fair and healthy under the sun rays, keeps skin hydrated, brightening your skin tone, anti-aging and the perfume keeps you fresh all day long.

Main Ingredients



Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to encourage radiant skin – a must-have in skin care products. It contains compounds that protect the skin against radical damage, and also works to relieve sun burn.

Aloe Vera


Eases pain and promotes recovery from sun burn. Provides protection against UV rays and boosts immune system. Enhances skin health, thus reducing probability of acne and



Known for its antibacterial properties, honey acts as a natural remedy for acne. It is extremely moisturizing and soothing on the skin without irritation, and treats black spots.

Grape Seed Oil


Rich in omega-3 and 6, vitamins C and E, minerals, and antioxidants. A natural skin moisturizer.



This flower extract is commonly used in skin care products for its soothing and
anti-inflammatory effects.

Featured Products


Mei Ling
Mei Ling@dewhiteclover
Read More
im superb love it! Make my skin so smooth, hydrating, fair and stay moisture! And sun protective! This combine 2 in 1 instant whitening and sunshield spray really amazing!
Elaine Lee
Elaine Lee@dewhiteclover
Read More
Fall in LOVE with this spray! The only sunshield spray non-sticky type and the instant whitening effect! And my skins so smooth and keep moisture the whole day. Not only this, the skin concealers effect was amazing too! covered my scar and even my skin tone! highly recommended!!!!
Michelle Fong
Michelle Fong@dewhiteclover
Read More
The spray is amazing! Just works as how it was described. Now i have no worries exposuring myself under the sun during weekends ! Specialty is the perfume who i find it cool! Thumbs up DWC!!!! Will purchase more and recommend to my friends too.
Joanne Tan
Joanne Tan@dewhiteclover
Read More
Love it! Love it! Love it!! Good thing must said 3times! super love the perfume scents!! if you curious what is this perfume scents quickly purchase from them! you will be get shocked! and the instant whitening skin tone i really like it! Not so "fake white" but its natural white, to make your skin tone looks evenly.
Wendy Tham
Wendy Tham@dewhiteclover
Read More
DWC create a amazing awesome product! 2 in 1 whitening + sunshield spray is really first in Singapore! The perfume scents really make everybody love it! highly recommended !!!
Annabel @dewhiteclover
Read More
Love the packaging! Love the Perfume Scents! Love the natural whitening result! Love the non-sticky sunshield and keep skin whole day hydrating! LOVE everything about this spray!! Become daily must use product !
Lily Lee
Lily Lee@dewhiteclover
Read More
Just one spray to resolve all my skin problems! i used to have dark skin tone, now i spray it everyday to protect my skin under the sun, make my skin more moisture and instant whitening. Love the perfume scents !!!!! really amazing!
joycelyn Tan
joycelyn Tan@dewhiteclover
Read More
Enjoy their first patch Pre-order promotion 3bottles in bundles! Good deal!! Love the luxury packaging! The instant whitening was amazing, can see result immediately! Not super white like very fake type but its natural white! The perfume scents superb good! Like it so muchie!
Berlin Ng
Berlin Ng@dewhiteclover
Read More
超喜欢它的包装,味道也很棒!美白效果也很好,不会很死白,很自然的美白效果。遮瑕效果也很好! 就很喜欢! 每天都必须喷了才出门。好的产品一定会介绍给朋友!
Read More
Kelly Chan
Kelly Chan@dewhiteclover
Read More
Support Local! Singapore No.1 whitening + sunshield Spray, at first i also worries about the manufactured in China, but they have their product tested in SG! With SGS certificate! And so many good reviews! The instant whitening really very good, even my skin tone and make my skin keep hydrate whole day!
Celine Chng
Celine Chng
Read More
Very nice and responsible seller. Had replied my enquiries very patiently and promptly. I will highly recommend this whitening sunscreen as it is very easy to use and the perfume is just simply very nice! I love it sooooooo much! Thank you for having this product. Now I don't have to apply so many products before going out 🙂
Read More
Packaging is very grand and elegant. Suitable for gifting. Had tried the sunscreen. Really have the instant whitening effect. Totally mesmerized by it. Hope to look forward for their new products.

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